NOVELTY | LFW, Charlie May



Charlie May could have easily been the seventh member of the Antwerp six, if she were born 20 years earlyer. She presented a collection with a Belgian aesthetic last night in a rooftop suit of a chiq Soho Hotel here in London. Her models were dressed in long black, white and burgundy garments that were simultaneously flowy and structured. My favorite look was this white on white one, a sharp shirt with stark white leather jacket and subtle golden details.

When I was right about to give up on taking pictures in the shady space, Sandra from 5inch and up came to the rescue; she lend me her fat lense and gave me a photography-in-the-dark lesson. Sandra and Charlie weren't the only bloggers attending, the place was filled with some of the creme de la creme; Shini, Jen and even Zana Bayne were all there.

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