between us

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SHOES | Adidas Oxfords


SLVR by Adidas Cutout oxfords, find them here

It´s nothing new that Adidas makes some pretty chique sportswear for their SLVR and Stella McCartney line. These white derbies really caught my attention; the cutout is very similar to something Minimarket did a few years ago and their shape reminds me of Alexander Wang's Julia oxfords (which seems to be sold out everywhere). Perfect for summer!

i wasn't brave enough

ph: Jennifer Cox

I met you 2007. Who would have known that it was going to be that random incident that would send me into the wildest rollercoaster ride of my life.

I saw you from across the room and I was immediately drawn to you. I knew that I had to meet I came up to you and your friend. The night dragged on and we were even supposed to finish that bottle of red at your place. We eventually exchanged numbers and a few messages were exchanged after that. It was always like that with you...there were those little surprises. I remember a time you texted me about how you saw me as walked down the street...I remember that made me giggle like a little girl. Then there was that time you helped me with that huge container of water I was unloading from the car. There were those times I would text you to drag you out of your "shoebox", you used to call your place that, just so you could keep me company while I waited for my brother. I remember you'd be watching Lord of the Rings at home cause you weren't watching regular tv then. We'd just sit out on the curb and have cigarettes and a Coke. You even accompanied me to the corner to get a cab a couple of times. Those times we were out on your street we would talk about everything. You always made me laugh and you always gave me sound advice.

Then the next thing I know I am waking up next to you and the first thing you say is "I love you." I still don't know if I was hallucinating that early was the day of Christmas eve after all and I was still feeling heady from everything that happened. I woke up bewildered and giddy...but I knew I did something wrong. I said something the night before that I would regret.

Then I started seeing you more often. No more clandestine meetings on the sidewalk. Sometimes you'd come to the shop & I liked that a lot. You'd come in with your backpack, sometimes with a little scowl on your face and I'd make you your coffee. I always liked making you your coffee. We'd sit in the shop and you'd show me what you were working on. You'd just be there in your own little spot if I were busy and I'd run to you any free minute I had. We talked some more. Then I'd come home to you...slowly creeping into bed just so I could hug you from behind and feel your warm body against mine. Sometimes I'd make a racket when I got home and you'd wake up all grumpy with a closed fist aimed at me. Then in the morning we'd have coffee and talk while I hugged your right leg which was on my lap. Then you'd get ready for work while I took my time. I stayed at your place so often that it feels like home.

You took care of me when I was sick. You bathed me. You hugged me as I slept. You rubbed my ankle when I twisted it. You cuddled me when I was awake. You'd rub my feet to keep me warm. Pat my back when my tummy was painful. You saved me from depression. You held my hand when I was scared and told me to be strong when I was weak. You fed me with your fingers. You hugged me from behind as I prepared our food or coffee. You held me when I cried.

Things weren't always happy though. There were a lot of lies, a lot of sex with a bunch of other women. When I grew weary of your lying & sleeping around I ended up having my own lies too.

We should have talked about our plans. Fooling around should never been an option. Lying should never have been so common. Our lies hurt each other so much.

Then after over a year of seeing each other, you asked me what I wanted to do. I said I wanted to be a Mom and take care of our kids. I wanted to be a wife to someone who wanted me as a wife...I wanted to be your wife. You never told me your plans about us. You never seemed like you wanted to change...

So I was in a rush and you weren't saying anything and you were still enjoying the whole fucking around thing. So I said Yes to someone else. Then you tell me that I am the only one you want in your life.

But I was scared and played it safe. I didn't back out. I made a mistake and I will live the rest of my life living in that mistake. I was never brave. I was never much. Now I am nothing,

I am sorry I wasn't brave enough. You deserve so much better.

I am going to miss you with every heartbeat.

ps- Don't forget- Shopbop's MAJOR sale ends today! Check it out HERE.

OUTFITS | Summer Uniform

ivania carpio



cut off legging
cut off tee
clutch: Samira Boon
heels: Topshop

cycle shorts + tee + sandals = what I wear in summer

when we first kissed

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DIY | Tripod Coat Rack




Acne shoes
Boyfriend's Levi's vest
Wonhundred lookbook and COS magazine on wall

Every time I come accross one of these (overpriced)tripod coat racks in a design furniture store, I remind myself how DIY-able they are and that I should make one. My favorite interior-design blogger Annaleena already did using used three branches which she painted black. Today I put my own spin on the tripod rack in my favorite shades and materials; the usual white and metal, it always works. As it was too hard to get holes in the metal tubes I tied them together tightly with tie rips, which I later covered with metal foil tape. Doing this DIY literally took 10 minutes. The variations for this rack are endless! You could use branches like Annaleena or any metal or wooden bars and finish it off with a leather cord or coloured rope.

*update: The rack looks as if it is held together by silver tape. It looks in progress, in construction and I quite like that about it :)

i am still intoxicated by you

fairy tale about a gold fish
ph: Laura Makabresku

I am writing this to you in case I get over it. I don't trust myself to hold on properly through all my insecurity.

I don't know if I have been in love before. It was never mutual whatever it was, it hurt me badly and I was only fifteen. A few years on and I'm almost certain I am falling in love with you. It's ridiculous, I don't know you much at all, I don't know what it feels like to hold you or kiss you, but I want to. More than anything else in the world. I go to sleep thinking about you, I wake up thinking about you. I have to stop myself filling all the spaces in between with thoughts of you too, because it cripples me that you probably don't feel anything even nearly the same for me.

Even though this is one of the most confidence shattering experiences of my life so far, I am so glad I met you. It doesn't matter that I can't believe what you tell me, it doesn't matter that I ruin it all by getting jealous of the other prettier, less complicated girls in your life, you have still made me the happiest I can ever remember being, even if it was only for a few hours at a time. You amaze me, truly. You are so clever, strong and insightful, regardless of how you feel about yourself. I know you're insecure, but I think you are beautiful. You are everything you should be, I wish you could believe me, like you want me to believe you.

I know I am clinging. Clinging to something other people, even you, would probably perceive as nothing. I know its because I am so desperate for someone to fix me, to want to fix me. I have probably built this all up so far I can barely see what's actually happening anymore. Maybe I'm simply infatuated by the idea of you; what you could mean to me. Regardless, this is still how I feel, I am still intoxicated by you.

ACCESSORIES | Parallellogram Ring



ring: Topshop
glass container: iittala

Yes, I gave in. I caved and clicked through add to bag all the way to checkout on Topshop dot com within minutes after seeing this flat diamond figure to wrap around your finger. A downright impulse buy. The ring has already lost much of its charm because of the little scratches that ruined the mirrored surface, not because of its genius design though; a geometric figure in gold with a functional hole. But it made me realise again that next time I should invest in more long lasting jewelry, be that searching the flea markets for high quality metals..or splurging on some Margiela rings that are almost worth rent? I'd rather have a mini collection of valuables as opposed to seeing my cheap jewelry break before my eyes and being trapped in a vicious circle of disposing and replacing."

for the love of fashion...


I know this is quite random, but I figured I would take a moment to share that Shopbop has a big sale going on until Wednesday! I know some of you are fashion addicts like me + this is one of the best sales of the year- check out my top picks from the site over on my fashion blog >> Le Fashion.

Happy Shopping!


i ought to feel remorse

ph: Seren Coşkun

Anna and I have lived together for a week. It is everything I ever thought it would be. And more.

Nobody apart from our very closest friends knows we are together. Most of them weren't really "our" friends. They were our own individual friends. We both have other friends we'd like to see together but we aren't sure that they're ready for it yet. Anna and I are ready - but the friends knew us when we were with our spouses - and they're still coming to terms with the end of our respective marriages.

I worry that we might never be accepted. For somebody who has built a career on being able to tell people unpleasant truths these are uncharted waters for me. I stopped caring what people thought of me a very long time ago. Now I worry about what people will think of Anna.

We live in a goldfish bowl. Dubai is a city of 1.8 million people. But we live in a tiny subset of that population. Western, educated, and wealthy.

Of course I've known people who've been through similar experiences. But, almost without exception, these have been people swapping a western wife for a younger Asian woman. Some of these people, depending on how they fit into your social or work circle are ostracised. Others are tolerated - but they are discussed, disseminated, and mostly sneered at behind their backs.

I thought I would be able to shout about Anna from the roof. But I realise I can't. For Anna's sake.

This finally brings me on to what I intended to write about.

I don't think I'm a bad person. Of course, nobody thinks they are a bad person. Hitler probably didn't think he was a bad person.

And yet...

The list of people I've caused pain stretches for miles.

My wife.

My daughters

Anna's husband

Anna's parents

Our friends

I'm truly sorry I caused all these people pain. I feel ashamed of the hurt I've caused these people.

But what I don't feel is remorse. I don't feel remorse because if all these people getting hurt was the only way that Anna and I could be together then I feel like it was worth it.

I'm not really sure what the definition of a sociopath is but I have a feeling it's something to do with this.

I think I ought to feel remorse. I'm sorry. I don't.

ACCESSORIES | Alexander Wang Marion


ivania carpio

Marion flap bag from Alexander Wang
Lamp DIY

Alexander Wang's Marion flap bag with its rosegold corners and geometric panels of leather kind of creeped its way on to my wishlist. Thoughts like: this outfit would look great with that damn Wang bag, just came to mind once too often. I looked it up online a few times, but it wasn't until feared phrases like sold out, out of stock or only one left started to appear in the descriptions that I realized I had to spring into action. I still managed to find one in nubuck leather with the detailing in my favorite shade of metal and it is such a relief to have it in my collection.

that one person

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love quote no matter how serious life gets you still gotta have that one person you can be completely stupid with
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OUTFITS | Pajama Pants



tee: triblend American Apparel
pants: Hema
heels: Mango
bag: DIY
blazer: vintage

These are my actual pajama pants.
I really like how the thin jersey moves and almost looks silky and flowy. Today I wore them out with a pair of pointy heels and an oversized vintage blazer.


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Despite the cheating, lies and the way things didn't work out, I still love you for who you are, and whether you willingly admit it, I know there is a place in your heart for me. You lock it away and sometimes disregard it, its not enough to reject other women by, but it's enough to remember me by. Even though I'm not always there, and the intricate hardships that complicate my life, are not your burden to carry. I feel like you see my pain, and have a subtle yet distinct way of loving me, which brightens my day when I'm feeling low. You warm my heart when you tell me I am beautiful, and although it's not openly said, their is a kind of love that ties us together, but equally drags us apart. It's a safe kind of love, one that can be intercepted or temporarily forgotten. But that can always be redeemed and replenished. You are a beautiful mistake to me, and I know you think I don't see it. Your beauty and kind soul, but I see it more than anyone. And feel like you have the right to know. I never am open about my thoughts and the things that I keep locked away, are often for good reasons. But you are that beautiful someone, who to me, despite relationships, distractions or consequence, have a place in my heart, and I love you for the person that you are. I won't ever ask for your forever, or even a functional relationship. You and I work differently to that, and at the moment, at this stage in life, where we both are, it somehow works. Amongst the mess of uncomplicating everything that is thrown at us, we are eternally together. And if for some reason, if one day you do meet that someone who fulfills you, and I am replaced, At least I told you what was real for me and all your worth. I will regret missing you.

glad you are finally home

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BEAUTY | Metal Chips on White Nails




Today I did this silver chipped manicure with a couple of left over bits of metallic nail foil.
These nail wraps come in packages that contain 12 foils, two too many. I finally figured out what to do with the spare foils I still had lying around. I covered parts of my nails with asymmetrically cut bits of foil to make a geometric transition between the metallic silver and the white matte painted nails.

love changes everything

sunset with Sandra
ph: Laura Makabresku

when i was young, i used to think i wasn't like any of the other girls around me and i could prove it too. i would wear pants when skirts were called for, i would chase bugs when the others screamed, i hated eating dessert (and still do) and i always always thought i would never let love get the better of me.

i was always under the impression that when i fell in love, i would not lose my independence. i would not be needy and clingy and insecure, i would be strong and tough and not let a boy get in the way of how i lived my life. i had a very clear vision of what kind of relationship i wanted and i set about looking for the exact same thing i had in my mind.

then i met you. and i loved you. a concept that was foreign to me. you told me that you liked me because i was different, i was independent, that i wasn't a girly girl. so our life began. and it was great. we had our ups and we had our downs. and my life became intertwined with yours. so intertwined that i began to lose myself forgetting who i was and what i set out to be. and slowly things began to unravel like a t-shirt with a loose thread. it was slow but it was evident.

recently when things got really tough, you called me out on how i used to be a girl you admired and came to love. my unique nature. that i am no longer the same person. i am now the clingy, needy, insecure girl i never thought i'd be. now i actually care about what people think of me. i care how people view my relationship. i reach conclusions in an impractical and illogical fashion.

i would like to point out that you are not wrong. i have changed. yes, i still rebel against wearing heels and i think short hair is cool and i'd still choose pizza over ice cream any day but when you made me love you everything changed. Love changes everything and i don't know why.

girls act in irrational ways because we're often so scared of losing the one thing we think we can't live without. if you felt threatened that someone was going to take away your heart wouldn't you be on the alert too? so we hold on tight and don't let go. but this often means we end up losing the one thing we were trying so hard not to. i don't believe i'm the first one to go through this. history has shown that i am not. movies have indicated that the outcome of such affairs are not positive. and yet here we are, girls, constantly making this same mistake. why? because love is not a rational thing to begin with.

i so often wish i could make you understand my fear and make you feel what i feel but i can't. because we are 2 different beings. i used to believe that your inability to understand why i do the things i do to keep you meant that i so obviously loved you more (yet another irrational thought process) but now that i can see more clearly, i realise that maybe you were never scared of losing me like i was you because you believed that we were stronger than that. clearly i didn't.

NOVELTY | Heohwan Simulation ss12



Meet Heohwan Simulation, a London based label established by Hwan Heo 3 years after graduating from the Royal College of Art. During February´s Fashion Week Heohwan Simulation was one of the four designers on the rise to be part of the ´Ones to Watch´ presentation. But last season the collection was presented with an intriguing video in which the models move backwards and forwards which makes you almost lose perception of time. The futuristic aesthetics of the clothes and the use of high tech materials only add to this innovative view on fashion. You could say I´m obsessed.

if you are in love

ph: xiu×5

Back in 1958, John Steinbeck, author of East of Eden, The Grapes of Wrath, and Of Mice and Men, got a letter from his teenage son Thom, in which Thom confessed that he had fallen desperately in love with a girl named Susan at his boarding school.

Steinbeck wrote this wise and wonderful letter back to him the same day...

New York
November 10, 1958
Dear Thom:

We had your letter this morning. I will answer it from my point of view and of course Elaine will from hers.

First -- if you are in love -- that's a good thing -- that's about the best thing that can happen to anyone. Don't let anyone make it small or light to you.

Second -- There are several kinds of love. One is a selfish, mean, grasping, egotistical thing which uses love for self-importance. This is the ugly and crippling kind. The other is an outpouring of everything good in you -- of kindness and consideration and respect -- not only the social respect of manners but the greater respect which is recognition of another person as unique and valuable. The first kind can make you sick and small and weak but the second can release in you strength, and courage and goodness and even wisdom you didn't know you had.

You say this is not puppy love. If you feel so deeply -- of course it isn't puppy love.

But I don't think you were asking me what you feel. You know better than anyone. What you wanted me to help you with is what to do about it -- and that I can tell you.

Glory in it for one thing and be very glad and grateful for it.

The object of love is the best and most beautiful. Try to live up to it.

If you love someone -- there is no possible harm in saying so -- only you must remember that some people are very shy and sometimes the saying must take that shyness into consideration.

Girls have a way of knowing or feeling what you feel, but they usually like to hear it also.

It sometimes happens that what you feel is not returned for one reason or another -- but that does not make your feeling less valuable and good.

Lastly, I know your feeling because I have it and I'm glad you have it.

We will be glad to meet Susan. She will be very welcome. But Elaine will make all such arrangements because that is her province and she will be very glad to. She knows about love too and maybe she can give you more help than I can.

And don't worry about losing. If it is right, it happens -- The main thing is not to hurry. Nothing good gets away.



(Via A Cup of Jo -- the letter originally appeared in this book.)

come back

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It happened like something out of a movie. It was perfect and in my stomach I knew it was too good to be true - too good to last. I prayed I was wrong but now that everything has fallen apart (you have fallen apart) I'm afraid I was right.

I loved you, I still do. This love is like nothing I have ever known, nothing I knew existed. I thought I was in love until I met you and you changed everything. I love the night we danced in an empty ballroom to no music. I love how you like to cuddle. I love your passion for everything you do. I love the late night on the dock wearing your football sweater. I love how happy I am because of you, how I want to be a better person, how you inspire me. I love you.

But now your life is a mess, and it's out of my hands. I want to be here for you like I had been before but you won't let me in this time. I can see it in your eyes like an open book that you still feel the same so why can't you admit it anymore. I know you're afraid of loving me as much as you do; you have told me. The truth is the thought of not loving you scares me more. I can actually feel my heart clench at the thought of you becoming a stranger once more.

...They say if you really love someone you let them go. And if they come back, they're yours. I'll know on Friday the 13th if you're still mine. Only yesterday was the time of our lives. I keep my fingers crossed for you, and more selfishly, for us.

Come back.

DIY | Clear Earrings (+giveaway)






Want one?

As it was my birthday yesterday and I can't give you guys a piece of chocolate cake through the computer screen, I thought I'd treat you with this give away (the first ever on my blog!) instead.
Leave your name and email HERE if you want a pair or follow the instructions below to make one yourself.

You'll need
-perspex of aproximately 2mm thick
-stanley or surgeon knife
-epoxy glue
-pair of earrings with a flat surface
-a pair of tiny bolts + nuts

One Cut the plexiglass: Make an incision with a stanley knife by letting the knife glide along a ruler. Then lay the plate of plexiglass on a table with the slit just over the edge. By pressing down you´ll be able to snap it off with a nice and clean cut. Now you should have a rectangle which you can again break into smaller pieces until you have two rectangles that are of the sizes you need. Measurements of my earrings: 9.5cm x 3cm Two Using any kind of drilling machine (It is recommended to use a drill for metal. As I didn´t own that I used one for wood and it worked just fine.) Make little holes slightly of center, this way the perspex will not be poking your face. Three Now you can add the hardware. Roughen up the surface of the flat earrings and the flat top of the bolt and glue together. When dried you can just screw on the bolt with the tiny perspex plate in between and you're all done.

thing called love

Go Away-Crazy Phoenix,
ph: Go Away-Crazy Phoenix

What to do at this point. It has been around three to four months since I met D. I was intrigued by him. Who wouldn't be? He's dark, handsome, and mysterious. D is often self-deprecating, but he can get any girl that he wants. Yet he's been single for six years. I was so shocked when I find out that he's been with one girl. Although he's had multitude of flings along the way, his heart remains guarded and hard. He enjoys being alone and he embraces loneliness. He's become so accustomed to being single that he has made a niche for himself in solitude.

I think I've gone too far and have reached a point of no return. I am miserable. I'm not miserable because I'm alone, but miserable because I'm without him.

I've hypothesized so many different reasons for his being the way he is. The detrimental affect of his parents' relationship (or lack of)? Insecurities --emotional and/or physical? Or worst of all: simply because I am not "The One." Not that he is my "One"... only God knows. But I'm so willing to lose myself in love again. Because at the sight of him, I melt and it hurts and makes me ecstatic, all at once. Yes, I remember now what it is like to "feel."

It's pure torture. I pray to God to give me strength if this was meant to be. I'm willing to go on and suffer in his presence if there is an end in sight. But if I'm waiting in vain, I pray that he takes these feelings away.

I don't think I've wanted anyone so badly before. Friends say it's because I enjoy the challenge. I tell them, "I don't think so" and life goes on for them. But I'm stuck in this God-awful place. As much as I love his perfections, I enjoy his imperfections. I like his cool impassiveness. I like his abrasive awkwardness. I like his stoic composure. I enjoy his dry humor. I must be a glutton for pain. I love the way he dresses. I love his haircut. I love when he's smiling...and when he's not smiling. I love when our eyes meet and I quickly look away, hot with embarrassment and satisfaction.

And yet, I hate him for not seeing me. I hate him for not calling me. I hate him for not texting me. I hate him for making me wait. I hate him for the slightest touch, glance, laugh or no laugh that leaves me with thousands of questions unanswered and repeating in my head every day, every hour, every minute. He haunts me in my dreams. There is no rest with those who are in love.

Didn't I want this? I made the decision of leaving P because our love had grown stale and stagnant. D, he sets my heart on fire. When I run away to New York, I'm scared thoughts of him will follow me. I'm even more scared at the thought of leaving him.

This obsessive, consuming, passionate thing called purgatory.