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Every time I come accross one of these (overpriced)tripod coat racks in a design furniture store, I remind myself how DIY-able they are and that I should make one. My favorite interior-design blogger Annaleena already did using used three branches which she painted black. Today I put my own spin on the tripod rack in my favorite shades and materials; the usual white and metal, it always works. As it was too hard to get holes in the metal tubes I tied them together tightly with tie rips, which I later covered with metal foil tape. Doing this DIY literally took 10 minutes. The variations for this rack are endless! You could use branches like Annaleena or any metal or wooden bars and finish it off with a leather cord or coloured rope.

*update: The rack looks as if it is held together by silver tape. It looks in progress, in construction and I quite like that about it :)

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