OUTFITS | Wearing the DIY Shirt-Skirt



sweater: secondhand turned inside out
skirt: DIY
necklace: Nelly
bracelet: secondhand
lipstick: Airborne Unicorn by Limecrime

Have you ever noticed how fluffy the inside of a sweatshirt is? Today I turned this lightgrey one inside out to expose its white, soft other side. I wish I could say that this is what I'm wearing today. But the reality is that the weather is too cold and rainy. So just for the pictures I switched my DIY poptrash jeans for the shirt-skirt I made last week.

Update on the DIY: After having being able to really 'test' the skirt by wearing it, I realized something pretty obvious; a regular cotton shirt wrinkles. I would advise either using one in a smoother more flowy fabric, or a thicker one like denim.

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