INTERIOR | Souvenir From Acne


best souvenir brought back from London Fashion week;
a backstage cardboard from Acne

Right after the spectacular Acne show last month at London fashionweek, the curtains of the backstage area opened, the music was turned back on and all the guests streamed in to take a peek. The models were hanging out in their runway outfits in between the empty racks on which only the cardboard indications for the dressers were hanging.
Soon after the handsome waiters distributed the booze, the dancing began(I did a little dance with the lovely Irina Lazareanu) the cardboards on hangers fell on the floor. Well, at least one of them. I spotted another one with a drawn moustache on it. Though it were just pieces of paper glued on a board I was thinking nooooo! These are the legendary pieces of cardboard that I normally only get to see through backstage pictures, the paperboards that guide everyone through all the backstage stress.
So before I left I decided to rescue one of them from being drenched in wine, stepped on or being thrown away. It was a pain to drag it through subways, airports and trains from London all the way back to The Netherlands without any damages. But I managed! And Xiao Wen is now hanging on the front of my own clothing rack!

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